IPMH Chapter 4

Other than Pei Wen, only his ex-girlfriend Ji Jiaying had the password to Yu Feng’s home. If it was not the former that sent the lunch, it was from the latter. Yu Feng’s mood was a bit complicated after finishing the train of thought. He did not expect that his icy proud ex-girlfriend would use … Continue reading IPMH Chapter 4

IPMH Chapter 3

S-city, 9 am. When Yu Feng woke up from his head and saw a glass of water on his bedside table, he immediately took a sip to soothe his dry throat. His hangover was an uncomfortable experience, but Yu Feng was already used to it. After all, a hangover was better than a night filled … Continue reading IPMH Chapter 3

Chapter 258 No, It’s Just the Beginning

Releasing the final chapter early. I received enough Ko-Fis for a bonus chapter but got swamped with work until now. These last two chapters were so much longer than usual...。゜(`Д´)゜。 It’s been three years since the base split. The former A-city base had completely eliminated all the buildings in the outer city area along with … Continue reading Chapter 258 No, It’s Just the Beginning