The Bribe^3

The Bribe “error. what are you doing here?” “jUsT vIsItInG fOr sOmE fUn.” “really…” Sans trailed off as his eye sockets found something on the table. “here, read this and tell me what you think of it.” The thin stack of paper was lifted over to the intruding skeleton. Error humored the request, he would … Continue reading The Bribe^3

How a Series Began

I stared at the outline, what had possessed me to write this? Mettaton was the only celebrity in the Underground and he played all the roles in every movie/show. He’d never accept being part of the supporting cast. So where did this idea come from?! (the internet, enough said) I handed Lucas the papers, his … Continue reading How a Series Began


*Note: Imagine the following as dramatically as possible, with soap opera appropriate sound effects. music and camera techniques. A panoramic view of a generic urban city with the caption “Ebott City, 2XXX” The scene starts in an apartment, Clara and Sin face each other standing in the living room. Clara: (crestfallen) Sin, how could you… … Continue reading Trailer