Jump #9 – Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

 Jumper in Wonderland A sticky note is stuck upon a small stack of paper - a report of the jump from Claire. Hi Benefactor, When the jump finished, you weren’t there so I left this for you. I had no time to wait, it’s been too long since I could enjoy something other than tea … Continue reading Jump #9 – Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland


Jump #8 – The Vampire Diaries

The Jumper Diary I sat at my desk and read from my grimoire. “Okay I have the gemstones and rings to set them in. Now I just need to enchant them.” There didn’t seem to be any incantations like with some of the spells in the book. I just needed to pour my magic into … Continue reading Jump #8 – The Vampire Diaries


*Note: Imagine the following as dramatically as possible, with soap opera appropriate sound effects. music and camera techniques. A panoramic view of a generic urban city with the caption “Ebott City, 2XXX” The scene starts in an apartment, Clara and Sin face each other standing in the living room. Clara: (crestfallen) Sin, how could you… … Continue reading Trailer