Chapter 232 New Discovery

With more animals nearby looking for water to drink, Luo Xun and the others found it difficult to go out. Fortunately, they did not have to, they had just searched the nearby mutant farmland and were not planning to go to the A-city base until early August. Naturally, they could leisurely spend their time at … Continue reading Chapter 232 New Discovery


Chapter 231 Zoo

“Puppy!” Luo Xun’s voice was stern and worried. When on earth did she run away? And when did she hook up with those two wolves? Doesn’t she know it’s dangerous outside? The last time she met a zombie dog, who was bitten and ran away? Why couldn’t she be alert?! Luo Xun had the expression … Continue reading Chapter 231 Zoo

Chapter 223 Various Mutant Animals

Recently, Luo Xun had been speechless more often. Ever since the team had brought back various consoles, games, the whole team immediately became game addicts...When he went downstairs with a yawn to eat breakfast, he saw Yu Xinran with her head bowed playing the handheld. A sense of guilt and powerlessness immediately flourished. What made … Continue reading Chapter 223 Various Mutant Animals