Chapter 172 Siege

Luo Xun had not finished when the car suddenly shook violently. Slender black things erupted from the snow like bizarre teeth! “This...the devil vine!” Luo Xun’s blood froze in his veins. The night was pitch black, the surroundings murky and they had been desperately fleeing for the whole day. In panic they had also turned … Continue reading Chapter 172 Siege

Chapter 171.5 Zombie Horde?!

There were actually two chapter numbered 171 but to avoid confusing myself, I will keep the order from the site I found. “What?” Luo Xun and the others were still frozen, looking at Zhang Yi in bewilderment. Outside base they had encountered a number of zombie waves. They had encountered many zombies when they left … Continue reading Chapter 171.5 Zombie Horde?!