Chapter 155 Distress on Base?

Bonus Chapter thanks to Zeyna, Anxz and Anon Luo Xun rubbed his eyes as he entered the kitchen with an opened bag of noodles in hand - these were bought during his pre-end shopping spree. He had almost forgotten about them after the apocalypse. It was not until the zombie birds struck that he remembered … Continue reading Chapter 155 Distress on Base?

Chapter 154 Final Commotion

With Yan Fei’s metal ability, the holes could be easily mended. But looking at the artificial holes, a few were not fixed. Sun Shaoyang had angry tears in his eyes. “My God, are they crazy?! Who will mend the base wall if we are killed?! Do they have other metal users to fix things?!” When … Continue reading Chapter 154 Final Commotion