Chapter 90 Hard Fighting

Yan Fei recovered first, raised his hand a metal fence completely stopped the pit desertification. The metal spread directly to the pit bottom. The whole pit was covered with Yan Fei’s metal, even grooves were along the walls. As a result, the whole pit was under Yan Fei’s control. A heap of metal flew into … Continue reading Chapter 90 Hard Fighting

Chapter 89 Shooting Sniper

“How am I supposed to collect the nuclei?” Luo Xun’s mouth twitched as he referred to the massive crime scene. Yan Fei lifted the metal object covered in unknown liquid and softly looked at Luo Xun. “Not urgent, we’ll work slowly.” The metal that made patties out of the zombies temporarily turned into fortifications. The … Continue reading Chapter 89 Shooting Sniper

Chapter 82 Female Friends

The two ladies were downstairs as the elevator door closed and it continued upward. Song Lingling suddenly whispered to Xu Mei. “Xu Mei, you ever feel...there’s something strange...between Yan Fei and Luo Xun?” “Strange?” Xu Mei continued to open the door after giving a puzzled look. “What’s strange?” Yan Fei’s personality was just like that, … Continue reading Chapter 82 Female Friends