Chapter 78 Newly Planted Homes

Luo Xun saw everyone started to study the drawings and other things as Captain Guo commanded. He quietly went over to his side. “Holiday?” Captain Guo paused in thought. It was to be expected, people could not stand working everyday around the clock. Not just Luo Xun and Yan Fei, even the other soldiers would … Continue reading Chapter 78 Newly Planted Homes

Chapter 77 Burning Mushrooms

“Oh my God, I am so tired.” He Qiankun immediately laid down in the drawn circle of the waiting area and was unwilling to move. Li Tie and the others had no other way. They could only sit around and poke his jiggly belly. “True, who knew that more and more zombies would come after … Continue reading Chapter 77 Burning Mushrooms

Chapter 72 The Little Zombie Able to Spit a Fireball

Luo Xun and the four defensive soldiers remained at their respective charges sides while the men began to work. The remaining people moved materials, killed zombies and dug out the crystal nucleus, busy with their own labor division. Luo Xun did not immediately join the group killing zombies because the one who killed the creature … Continue reading Chapter 72 The Little Zombie Able to Spit a Fireball