Chapter 39 Beauty vs Beauty

Zhang Yi was half asleep when he seemed to feel someone walk forward, the sensation of going upstairs - his foot touched down on the stairs. After being put down Zhang Yi’s eyelids opened a crack - those people who absolutely did not have a good heart, who had framed and abandoned him. After leaving … Continue reading Chapter 39 Beauty vs Beauty

Chapter 38 Apocalypse Handsome Man

Luo Xun thought today’s car ride was off to a bad start, especially since the guy sitting next to him was flirting with his companions. He could confirm that the guy was definitely flirting with him! Although Yan Fei might think he was just teasing but for him, the joke tested the strength of his … Continue reading Chapter 38 Apocalypse Handsome Man

Chapter 35 Supermarket with Rich Flavor

TN: Happy Valentine's Day! Enjoy the bonus chapter ゚*。(・∀・)゚*。   Once the words exited Wu Xin’s mouth, the five people stared at each other. Make clothes? This looked like a big problem huh? Luo Xun’s face reddened, he only had a little skill with poor results. He could only use the sewing machine at home. … Continue reading Chapter 35 Supermarket with Rich Flavor