Chapter 28 Melancholic Woman

TN: Have a double update for the end of January. \(◦'⌣'◦)/ Hopefully there will be another double post for Valentines Day...   Yan Fei shifted from looking outward to the area behind him. The balcony grew a variety of crops, the leeks were grown and  could be harvested again. In the room there were many … Continue reading Chapter 28 Melancholic Woman


Chapter 29 Dining Table

“Right.” Yan Fei sneered and slowly nodded. “I have decided.” “What?” Luo Xun stared in confusion. He had just come back, tired to death after moving things for half a day. Now he just wanted to take a bath and go to sleep. He did not understand Yan Fei. Why did he suddenly lose his … Continue reading Chapter 29 Dining Table

Chapter 20 What’s Yours is Ours but What’s Mine is Mine

One person went up the stairs, at the top the taller officer bent forward seeing the puppy in the cage. “Chow chow, looks healthy, no abnormalities?” “No, she has been fine these days.” Luo Xun quickly explained. The officer nodded, “You have to be careful, best not let her out. Outside a lot of dogs … Continue reading Chapter 20 What’s Yours is Ours but What’s Mine is Mine