Chapter 19 Home Inspection

Looking at Luo Xun’s tender expression of happiness, Yan Fei felt his heart tighten...he was not as good as a dog? He did not have any intentions or ideas towards Luo Xun but could not stop himself from choking. It seemed that Luo Xun had not given him any goodwill from the start. He seemed … Continue reading Chapter 19 Home Inspection

Chapter 18 Retirement

Luo Xun woke to his noisy watch alarm, he reached for it but his hand was grasped. He confusedly turned to see his hand being held then looked up to see a pair of sleepy eyes obscured with fog. The natural morning reaction became more noticeable, there was a small tent pitched in the duvet. … Continue reading Chapter 18 Retirement

Chapter 14 An Evil Doer with Dark History

At 5 or 6 o’clock in the evening, the winter sky darkened right after the hallway blacked out. A person cautiously stepped towards the last floor with a weapon in hand. “Are there apartments upstairs?” “Doesn’t matter we’ll take a look anyway.” “There are some empty apartments, it could be the people are dead or…” … Continue reading Chapter 14 An Evil Doer with Dark History

Chapter 13 To Save? Or Not to Save?

“What floor do you live on?” “...16th floor.” Luo Xun could not lie to this strong potential neighbor. “Your clothes…” Yan Fei could not think of an adjective to describe Luo Xun’s strange outfit. Luo Xun puffed out his chest. “It was recommended online to wear because zombie bodily fluid could also infect people. Should … Continue reading Chapter 13 To Save? Or Not to Save?