Chapter 5 Little Puppy

Translator Note: Heres the second chapter I promised, double releases will stick to starts of months/holidays. I ended up needing to do some quick internet searching when the translators gave me weird interpretations. Black-black: actually 'black tongue' which is a reference to chow chows (they are fluffy and adorable dogs). Star anise was translated as 'octagonal … Continue reading Chapter 5 Little Puppy

Chapter 4 Home Renovation

Translator Note: So I planned to release two chapters to kick off the month of December, then I finished early. I am going to be busy over the weekend with assignments to do so I am posting chapters 4 and 5 early. Also, this chapter introduces *cough* new/mysterious/unnamed male character *cough* In the city, the … Continue reading Chapter 4 Home Renovation

Chapter 2 The Best Refuge for the Apocalypse

*Oz's Corner has graciously allowed me to help translate the project, they translated the first chapter (link in table of contents)* Translator notes: I don't use footnotes (though I will if need be). Not sure how good this is but it's more readable then pure MTL at least. The agent exited and escorted Luo Xun to … Continue reading Chapter 2 The Best Refuge for the Apocalypse